How to Login to SPARSH w/o receiving of Username & Password from PCDA ?| स्पर्श में लॉगिन कैसे करें?

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PCDA से बिना यूजरनेम और पासवर्ड मिले, स्पर्श में लोगों कैसे करें???
How to Login to SPARSH w/o receiving of Username & Password from PCDA ?| स्पर्श में लॉगिन कैसे करें?

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“Sainik Samachar सैनिक समाचार” is India’s only Trustworthy YouTube Channel for Defence Pensioners (Ex-Servicemen, Family Pensioners & Civilians) & Central Govt Employees, providing thorough Knowledge/ Information related to following topics with authenticity & credibility in better understandable language . Also provides help/ guidelines to users in easiest way to solve the problems :

✔️SPARSH PCDA(P) Pension Portal (Complete)
✔️PCDA (P) Prayagraj
✔️Govt Jobs for ESM/ Employment in Civil
✔️OROP – One Rank One Pension
✔️Service, Family & Disability/Invalid Pension
✔️Premature Retirement
✔️Welfare of ESM, Widow & Children
✔️Life Certificate – MLC & DLC
✔️Right to Information Act 2005 – RTI
✔️PPO, Pension Slip, Form-16.
✔️ Income Tax Filing
✔️Other miscellaneous informations.
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  1. Tarsem Sharma says

    Sir why you waist the time of people. You not know how many problem infront of us . No body help. All are time pass. This is my experience. He says you go there and that says you go there.where we go.Thanks.

  2. S Behera says

    Nahi aaraa hai sir

  3. anil kadlak says

    Ppo copy कैसे प्राप्त करे?

  4. Usha Sharma says

    Sir pcda p pragraj ni aa rha h

  5. appsaheb dattupawar says

    Sir,अगर स्पर्श का मायग्रेन नहीं हुवा तो मोबाईल फोन नंबर कैसे रजिस्टर कैसे करना होगा.कोईऔर तरिका है सर, धन्यवाद.

  6. Tarsem Lal says

    Login nahi ho raha hai. Invalid password and user name aa raha hai.plrase. Guide

  7. Yash Jatu says

    Site ka link provid kre site open nhi ho rhi

  8. Hitman Gurung’s says

    Namaskar and Good Morning Sir, apka video dekhkar bahut achha laga 👍 Sir, I am pension out on August 2014 from the Regiment of Artillery. Now I am at abroad, how can I login in sparsh or how can I registered my No on Sparsh… Can I login from abroad? Sir, Please give me your favorable advices. Thank you.

  9. Subhash Chander Awasthi says

    I am pre2016 & have not been migrated yet, so no possibility of getting PPO no

  10. Jagdeesh Singh Jaat says

    Very nice information ❤❤❤❤

  11. sn sonava says

    Not possible for me above 75years

  12. wangchu Tamang says

    Sir Old pensioner जोकी 1972 ka riteremen hai उनका abhee tak sparsh mai Margaret nahe huwa है..Aur koi Koi ka huwa hai..Aur arrears V milahai hai ye kaisay?

  13. GOVIND SINGH UK says

    Family pensioner ke liye 02 add karna hai na ki 03

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