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​​MCO Contact Numbers / Defence Quota in Trains


Movement Control Office (MCO), an office dedicated to make rail reservations for military personnel. MCO is for defence person travelling on urgent nature! We had defence quota in several trains! Initially Railways were meant for military only! So,bear in mind, when a military staff find difficulty in getting accomodation! They are eligible for the highest consideration.

MCO provides confirm seats

It is confirm seats through quota in INDIAN RAILWAY for INDIAN ARMED FORCES which Army Navy and Airforce defence person and their family can utilise by MCO (MCO contact numbers) at railway station .

  Defence quota for Defence Person through MCO (MCO contact numbers)

By Defence quota there are some seats reserved in 1A, 2AC, 3AC and sleeper class of INDIAN RAILWAY but defence person only get confirmed seat when he is having waitlist ticket and for confirm ticket through MCO it will confirm the seat.


Railways reserve some seats for defense person which is called as defence quota. Railways reservation Defense Quota (MCO contact numbers) can only be availed by the defense officials. The defense staff can book the tickets in any particular train in defense quota with the use of their ID cards.Download the file  For details of Trains in which Defence Quota is available and how many seats.

You can download the file by following the link:    MCO DD Quota

mco contact number

MCO Contact Number

Army MCOMCO Contact Numbers
Agra MCO0562-2253255
Amritsar MCO0183-2560845
Ambala MCO0171-2645138
Ajmer MCO0145-2629595/0145-2425994
Ahmedabad MCO079-22160567/079-22862627
Allahabad MCO0532-2618176/0532-2402700
Bangalore MCO080-22260358/080-22255808(fax)
Baroda MCO0265-2793429
Borjar MCO0361-2841814
Borjhar MCO0361-2841814
Bikaner MCO0151-2546893
Bhatinda MCO0164-2236541
Bareilly MCO0581-2574869
Bhopal MCO0755-2733421
Babina MCO0517-2740717
Belgaum MCO0831-2422327/0831-2442517
Behrampur MCO0680-2201645
Coimbatore MCO0422-2302070/0422-2306470(fax)
Chennai MCO044- 25350048(fax)/044-25312296
Chandigarh MCO0172-2641034/0172-2658145
Devlali MCO0253-2497867
Dehradun MCO0135-2520159
Dumdum MCO033-25119014
Delhi MCO011-23963529/011-23975310
Dimapur MCO03862-233936
Firozpur MCO01632-248941
Guwahati MCO0361-2606689/0361-2734830(fax)
Gorakhpur MCO0551-2207394/0551-2202616
Gwalior MCO0751-2344564/0751-2540178
Hyderabad MCO040-23201542/040-23201540
Howrah MCO033-26411231(fax)/033-26386548
Hasimara MCO0353-66256089
Hazrat Nizamuddin MCO011-23230514(fax)/011-24350338
Jabalpur MCO0761-2628230
Jaipur MCO0141-2360768/0141-2388294
Jalandhar MCO0181-241405
Jammu MCO0191-2470795
Jodhpur MCO0291-2516496/0291-2566900
Jamnagar MCO0288-2756908
Jhansi MCO05174-473605/0510-2370945
Kanpur MCO0512-22328203/0512-2383781
Khadki MCO020-25817318
Kochi (Eranakulam) MCO0484-26662678/0484-2668129(fax)
Kota MCO0744-2461048
Kolkatta  MCO033-22231637
Lucknow MCO0522-2637139
Email –
Mariani MCO0376-2310467
Meerut MCO0121-2664310
Mhow MCO07324-24226955
Mumbai CST MCO022-22620674(fax)/022-22695537
Mumbai Central MCO022-23080845(fax)/022-23024750
Madgaon MCO0832-2700505
Misamari MCO03714-253500
Mathura  MCO0565-2410743
Nagpur  MCO0712-2520181/0712-2562737
Jalpaiguri MCO0353-2691782
New Delhi MCO011-23237980-84/011-23230514(fax)
Pune MCO020-26119157/0212-2602897
Pathankot  MCO0186-2252010
Patna MCO0611-5231751
Palam  MCO011-23094802/011-25674228
Port Blair  MCO03192-241097/03192-233144
Ranchi  MCO0651-2460827/0651-2462637
Rangiya  MCO03621-241465
Sealdah MCO033-23506412
Secundrabad  MCO040-27701602/040-27800931
Saugor MCO07582-247689
Silchar  MCO03842-278939
Sriganganagar MCO0154-2444393
Suratgarh MCO01509-225195
Trivandrum  MCO0471-2323019/0471-2323447
Tejpur  MCO03712-237643
Tinsukia MCO0374-2314851/0374-220417
Vizag MCO (Visakhapatnam)0891-2747022(fax)/​0891-2750273
Railway No.-82605(This no. can be connected from all Rly Stn control room 24x7)


(i)  DDO is meant for emergency movement of tps mainly for TD or unplanned leave for serving defence personnel and their family, thereafter, allotted on First Come First Serve Basis to serving persons. Leftover seats may be allotted to Ex-Servicemen and their families.
(ii)  Booking against DDQ can be done maximum 30 days prior to the date of journey.
(iii)  DD Quota will be allowed only on wait listed tickets and not on RAC tickets.
(iv)  Res of DDQ will also be entertained through official letter, fax and signal only.
(v)  Telephonic request for reservation of DDQ will not be entertained.
(vi)  Defence commuters must carry identity card/ dependent card while booking DDQ. Without showing identity Card/dependent card, the tickets will not booked through DDQ.
(vii) Cancellation of reservation through DD quota should be informed to MCO strictly 24 h before departure of train.


  1. Details of Service Personnel.
  • (a) NAME                    –
  • (b) RANK                     –
  • (c) No.                           –
  • (d) UNIT                       –
  • (e) MOBILE NO.         –
  1. Details of Passenger.
  • (a) NAME                    –
  • (b) RELATION            –
  • (c) AGE & SEX           –
  • (d) I-CARD/DEP CARD NO.-
  1. Details of Journey.
  • (a) TRAIN NO.                        –
  • (b) TRAIN NAME                   –
  • (c) D.O.J.                                 –
  • (d) CLASS OF TRAVEL       –
  • (e) PNR NO.                           –
  • (f) FROM                                –
  • (g) TO                                       –



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