Recent Initiatives and important instructions on CSD

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Veteran Friendly Initiatives.


(a) Purchase of Grocery & Liquor from Any URC.

CSD beneficiaries are now allowed to purchase both groceries & liquor from any URC.


b) Two Months Quota.

All CSD beneficiaries can buy two months’ quota of groceries & liquor in one month.


(c) Annual Renewal of CSD Smart Cards.

Annual renewal of CSD Smart Cards for ESM, Defence Civilians & dependents has been discontinued.


(d) Simplification of Card Application Procedure.

Application for CSD Smart Card to be ‘Self Certified’ & countersigned by Canteen Officer itself. Only a copy of the PPO/ Discharge Book is required to be attached.


(e) Gratis CSD Smart Cards for War Widows & Nok of BC.


Purchase of AFD Items.


(a) Online AFD Portal.

An online Portal ( has been launched through which CSD beneficiaries can purchase AFD-I items in lesser time through a completely online, convenient & transparent process. Beneficiaries should avoid going to any middlemen/ touts asking for money for registration and demand creation on the Portal.


(b) Purchase of Four Wheelers.

Limits on the purchase of four-wheelers through CSD have been enhanced. Officers can now purchase cars costing up to 20 lahks, JCOS up to 10 lahks & OR up to 8 lahks. Additional 5 lakh limit for the purchase of EVs.


(c) Periodicity – AFDI (Less Four Wheelers).

Wef 01 Sep 2023 CSD beneficiaries can buy 02 TVs and 04 ACs in a block period of 04 years, instead of one in four years.


(d) Purchase of AFD-II Items.

AFD-II items can now be bought from liquor & dependent cards also.


CSD Smart Cards Related Initiatives.


(a) Online Portal for CSD Smart Cards.

Existing CSD Smart Card holders can now apply for new cards online and get cards delivered by courier at their home address within 7-15 days through this Portal (


(b) Activation of CSD Smart Cards.

CSD Cards can now be activated from any Canteen instead of the dependent/ parent Canteen.


(c) Officer Cadets at Training Academies permitted ‘Personalised CSD Smart Card’ for purchase of grocery @ 5,000/- pm & AFD-II @ 20,000/- per year.


(d) Agniveers & students of Sainik/ Military Schools/ RIMC are permitted to purchase groceries @ 3,500/- pm through Steel Cards.


(e) Newly Commissioned Officers & Agniveers are issued grocery & liquor cards at respective Training Academies & Centres on completion of training.




(a) Provisional Demand (PD) System.

PD system was introduced to ensure URCs & beneficiaries get what is desired for them. The provision provided in CIMS Software to prepare a draft PD.


(b) Annual Turnover Limit (ATOL).

ATOL of URCS has been increased to 75%. This ensures adequate stocks are available in URCS.


(c) Indents of URCS to be countersigned by CO/OC Unit instead of Bde/ Stn Cdr.

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