What is Suvigya?

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Suvigya – A Pension Enquiry System


SUVIGYA is a computerized pension enquiry system which enables the Ex-servicemen as well as civilian pensioners to know their entitlements of pension/family pension/disability pension at the click of a button after giving certain basic inputs viz. Date of birth, date of discharge, total service rendered & rank etc.

SUVIGYA has been developed entirely in-house by the officials of the Department without incurring any expenditure for the said project.

This software not only intimates the current entitlement of pension but also displays the pension revised from time to time under various Pay Commissions from the date of discharge/retirement of the pensioners.

SUVIGYA enable do hundred per cent, comprehensive, concurrent and exhaustive audit that is feasible after obtaining the database from the concerned Pension Disbursing agencies. The system also reduced the manual portion of the audit significantly thereby saving valuable manpower which can be deployed gainfully elsewhere.

Suvigya Link – https://pcdapension.nic.in/pcda/Suvigya/

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