Rajya Sainik Board

Rajya Sainik Board

The Departments of Sainik Welfare/Rajya Sainik Boards in the States/UTs are responsible for the following functions: 
a. Co-ordinate the work of Zila Sainik Welfare Offices in the State.
b. Maintain Liaison with Ministries of the State, State undertaking and enterprises and banks to seek vacancies for ESM and widows as per reservation policy of the State and as per recruitment rules. Monitor such vacancies and ensure these are filled up by ESM or widows.
c. Promoting measures for the welfare and resettlement of ex-Servicemen and families of serving/deceased personnel of the Armed Forces.
d. Disseminating information to the general public regarding the Armed Forces in the country and for taking measures to enhance interest in Armed Forces amongst general public.
e. Administering the Zila Sainik Welfare Offices (ZSWOs) in the State in accordance with the rules and instructions prescribed by the Central and State Govts.
f. Carry out any duties assigned by DGR/Secretary, KSB.
g. Submit to KSB report for claiming the 50 percent charges for establishment expenditure of RSB and ZSBs of the State.
h. Maintain upto date status of ESM, disabled ESM, widows and dependents.
i. Ensure timely submission of reports and returns to DGR/KSB.
j. Organise RSB meeting under Chairmanship of Chief Minister and Amalgamated Fund meeting under chairmanship of Governor of the State.
k. Seek and monitor employment opportunities for ESM and widows in the private sector.
l. Assist ESM and widows in planning and funding of Self-employment ventures.
m. Organise Armed Forces Flag Day Fund collection drive throughout the year.
n. Create additional welfare measures for ESM and widows.

The composition of the Rajya Sainik Boards is given below: 

a. Composition of Rajya Sainik Boards
  President                                   :           Governor/Chief Minister
  Vice President(s)                      :            GOC-in-C Command
                                                                  FOC-in-C Command
                                                                  AOC-in-C Command
  Ex-officio Members                 :            State Ministers,
                                                                   Heads of Departments,
                                                                   Local Formation Commanders
                                                                   Director, Resettlement Zone
  Non-official Members              :           Four Ex-Servicemen,
                                                                   Two prominent citizens
  Secretary                                    :           Director, Deptt of Sainik Welfare



SI NO. NO. OF ZSBs Office/ District  Name, Designation & Address Telephone No.
123Deptt of Sainik WelfareANDHRA PRADESH Col (Retd) Ashok Kumar The Director Sainik Welfare Sainik Aramghar Complex Plot No. -10, H.No. Durganagar Colony Hyderabad – 500 082040-23423211 (O)/(F) 040-23423288 (O)/(F) 9177000036 (M) apsainik@yahoo.co.in apsainik@gmail.com www.apsainikwelfare.gov.in
200Deptt of Relief, Rehabilitation & SettlementARUNACHAL PRADESH Vacant Director Disaster Management, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh New Itanagar -7911110360-2212282 (O) 0360-2213615 (F) 09436271090 (M) rsbaruna@gmail.com
314Deptt of Sainik WelfareASSAM Cmde (Retd) KC Choudhury VSM, Director Directorate of Sainik Welfare Sainik Bhavan, House No. 74 Lachit Nagar,Guwahati – 7 Pin- 781 007 (Assam)0361-2522229 (O) 0361-2522229 (F) 0361-2201186 (R) rsbassam@gmail.com
49Deptt of Sainik WelfareBIHAR Vacant Shri Umesh Kumar Verma, BAS Director 39/84 Officers Flat, New Punaichak Patna – 8000230612-2281016 (O) 0612-2281016 (F) 0612-2224637 (O) 09470208679 (M) directorsknbihar@gmail.com
510Dte of Sainik WelfareCHHATTISGARH Brig (Retd) JK Deosthale Director Deptt of Sainik Welfare, CG Near Collectorate Parisar Behind Home Guard Office Raipur – 492 0010771-2445165 (O) 0771-2430084 (F) 09407627188 (M) dirsw.cg@gmail.com www.sainikwelfare.cg.gov.in
600Rajya Sainik BoardGOA Maj (Retd) Venugopal Nair SecretaryDeptt of Sainik Welfare Collectorate Building Panaji – 403 0010832-2227138 (O) 0832-2227138 (F) 09420686834 (M)0832-2443236 (R) secyrsbgoa@gmail.com
708Deptt of Sainik Welfare and ResettlementGUJARAT Lt.Col.(Retd) VS Chudasama Director Directorate of Sainik Welfare and Resettlement Gujarat State Gaurav Senani Bhavan Shahibaug – Airport Road, Shahibaug, Ahmedabad-04079-22868347 (O) 079-22868348-51(O) 079-22868346 (F) 079-23245346 (R) dir-sw@gujarat.gov.in rsb_guj@rediffmail.com
820Rajya Sainik BoardHARYANA Vacant Secretary,Rajya Sainik Board, Sainik Bhawan,Sector 12 Shaheed Capt Rohit Kaushal Marg Panchkula – 134 109 (Haryana)0172-2560462 (O)/(F) 0172-2562102 (R) secretaryrsb@gmail.com
910Deptt of Sainik WelfareHIMACHAL PRADESH Vacant Shri Ashish Singhmar, IAS Director Deptt of Sainik Welfare Govt of Himachal Pradesh Hamirpur – 177 00101972-224659 (O) 01972-225643 (F) 09418066667 (M) dir-sw-hp@nic.in
1010Deptt of Sainik WelfareJAMMU AND KASHMIR Brig (Retd) RS Langeh VSM Director Deptt of Sainik Welfare Ambphalla Jammu – 180 005 Jammu & Kashmir0191-2561547 (O) 0191-2575362 (F) 09419180672 (M) 0191-2438178 (R) jkdsw53@gmail.com
1105Deptt of Sainik WelfareJHARKHAND Col (Retd) Madan Mohan Tudu Director Sainik Kalyan Nideshalaya Ranchi(Jharkhand)0651-2330178 (O) 0651-2330094 (R) 8002649648 (M) 0651-2332844 (F) jharkhand_skn@yahoo.in
1213Deptt of Sainik WelfareKARNATAKA Vacant Capt (Retd) PB Shetti Director Deptt of Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Fd Mshl KM Cariappa Bhavan No 58,Fd Mshl KM Cariappa Road, Bangalore – 560 025080-25589459 (O) 080-25589459 (F) 09886205130 (M) 080-28445706 (R) dirdswrblr@gmail.com
1314Deptt of Sainik WelfareKERALA Capt (Retd)Shri KK Govindan Nair Director, Deptt of Sainik Welfare Vikas Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram – 6950330471-2304980 (O) 0471-2304980 (F) 09447030498 (M) 0471-2472401 (R) dswkerala@gmail.com
1424Deptt of Sainik WelfareMADHYA PRADESH Vacant Deptt of Sainik Welfare Southern Shopping Centre Guru Teg Bahadur Complex TT Nagar, New Market P.B.NO 364 Bhopal – 4620030755-2553992 (O) 0755-2577206 (O) 0755-2577209 (F) 0755-2646010 (R) dirrsb@mp.gov.in dswoffice@mp.gov.in jdrsb@mp.gov.in www.rsb.mp.nic.in
1533Deptt of Sainik WelfareMAHARASHTRA Col (Retd) Suhas S Jatkar Director Deptt of Sainik Welfare Maharashtra State ‘Raigad’ Building Opp National War Memorial Solapur Road,Ghorpadi Pune – 411 001020-66262600 (O) 020-66262601 (O) 020-26332763 (O) 020-26332764 (O) 09423033771 (M) 020-66262699 (F) dsw@mahasainik.com dir.dsw@mahasainik.com www.mahasainik.com
1602Rajya Sainik BoardMANIPUR Lt Col (Retd) H Sarat Singh Secretary Rajya Sainik Board Sainik Rest House Opp. Lamphel Police Station P.O. Lamphel – 795 004 (Manipur)0385-2416228 (O) 09862672547 (M) rsb.manipur@rediffmail.com
1701Deptt of Sainik WelfareMEGHALAYA Brig (Retd) WJB Sturgeon YSM SM, Secretary Directorate of Sainik Welfare Public Service Commission Building,Beyond DC Building Shillong – 793 0010364-2225613 (O) 0364-2225613 (F) 09436101551 (M) 0364-2536574 (R) rsbmegha@rediff.com
1804Deptt of Sainik WelfareMIZORAM Surg. Lt. Cdr(Retd)Laluntluanga Director Deptt of Sainik Welfare & Resettlement, Tuikual ‘A’, PB No. 119, Aizawl – 796 0010389-2322732 (O) 0389-2322732 (F) 09862789780 (M) 0389-2325811 (R) rsb_mzr@yahoo.in lalnuntluanga@ymail.com web site- www.sainikwr.mizoram.gov.in
1905Rajya Sainik BoardNAGALAND Brig (Retd) KK Roy Choudhury SM,VSM,Director Directorate of Sainik Welfare and Resettlement Kohima Home Deptt, Govt. of Nagaland sepfuzou Colony above Alder College, High School Road PO Kohima – 797 0010370-2260150 (O) 0370-2260150 (F) 0370-2221991 (R) 09436216593 (M) swr.directorngl@yahoo.com Web site : nagaland.nic.in
2007Rajya Sainik BoardODISHA Col (Retd) S C Mishra Secretary Rajya Sainik Board Nageswar Tangi, Lewis Road Bhubaneshwar – 751 0020674-2432268 (O)/(F) 0674-2471111 (R) 09778617419 (M) secyrsbors@rediffmail.com secyrsbbbsr@gmail.com
2122Deptt of Sainik WelfarePUNJAB Brig (Retd) Manjeet Singh Director Defence Servisces Welfare-cum-Secretary Rajya Sainik Board Board, Punjab Sainik Bhawan, Sector 21-D Chandigarh – 160 0220172- 2701845 (O) 0172-2707345 (F) 08427544119 (M) osdpb@rediffmail.com dswpb@rediffmail.com www.pbsainikwelfare.gov.in
2224Sainik Kalyan VibhagRAJASTHAN Brig (Retd) Suresh Kumar Sharma Secretary Sainik Kalyan Vibhag Secretariat Building North Block Jaipur – 302 0050141-2227650 (O) 0141-2227897 (O) 0141-2227650 (F) 0141-2232850 (R) 09414009539 (M) rajasthansainik@yahoo.com
2303Rajya Sainik BoardSIKKIM Col (Retd) DN Bhutia Secretary Rajya Sainik Board, Sikkim Paljor Stadium Road Gangtok – 737 10103592-202534 (O) 03592-221456 (F) 09674877527 (M) dawasikkim@gmail.com
2427Deptt of Sainik WelfareTAMIL NADU Vacant Maj (Retd) S. Jayakar, Joint Director (i/c) & Secretary, Rajya Sainik Board Dte of ExServicemen’s Welfare 22, Raja Muthiah Salai, Choolai Chennai – 600 003044-26691747 (O) 044-26691886 (O) 044-26691886 (F) 044-24615842 (R) exweldte@tn.gov.in
2500Rajya Sainik BoardTRIPURA Vacant Maj (Retd)P.K.Sinha, Asst.Secretary, Rajya Sainik Board , Nehru Office Complex Gorkhabasti,P.O. Kunjaban Agartala – 799 006 West Tripura0381-2326507 (O) 0381-2326507 (F) 09402140066 (M) rsb.tripura@gmail.com rsb_sainikboard@rediffmail.com
2614Dte of Sainik Kalyan Evam PunarvasUTTARAKHAND Brig(Retd) AN Bahuguna Deputy Director Sainik Kalyan Evam Punarvas Uttarakhand, 15C Kalidaas Marg,PO- Haathibadkala Dehradun-2480010135-2744208 (O) 0135-2741481 (O) 0135-2743773 (F) dskddn@gmail.com www.sainikkalyan.org
2771Sainik Kalyan Evam PunarvasUTTAR PRADESH Brig (Retd) Amulay Mohan,SM,VSM Director Directorate Sainik Kalyan Evam Punarvas Kariappa Bhawan, Kaiserbagh, Lucknow-2260010522-2625354 (O) 0522-2623909 (O) 0522-2625354 (F) 09415013499 (M) directorsainikkalyan@yahoo.com
2812Rajya Sainik BoardWEST BENGAL Col (Retd) Pranesh Rudra Pal Secretary, Rajya Sainik Board Block ‘I’ (First Floor) Writers’ Buildings Kolkata – 700 001033-22141347 (O) 033-22144643 (F) 09874535628 (M) rsbkolkata@yahoo.com rajyasainikboardwestbengal@gmail.com
2900Rajya Sainik BoardANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDS (UT) Col (Retd) K V Cherian, *VSM Honorary Secretary Rajya Sainik Board A & N Administration, Veer Senani Bhawan, J.N. Road, Haddo, Port Blair – 744 10103192-235621(O) 03192-235621(F) 09434281518 (M) secretaryrsbandnic@gmail.com
3000Zila Sainik Welfare OfficeCHANDIGARH (UT) Lt Col (Retd) Raj Kumar Singh Zila Sainik Welfare Officer Zila Sainik Welfare Office (UT) Opposite Aroma Hotel Sector 21-D Chandigarh Pin – 1600220172-2701947 (O) 0172-2700317 (O) 0172-2726325 (F) 0172-5001631 (F)PP 0172-2721064 (R) 09888880566 (M) zswochd@gmail.com
3100Rajya Sainik BoardDELHI Gp Capt (Retd) RK Sharma Secretary Rajya Sainik Board Opp Tis Hazari Court No.1, Rajpur Road Delhi – 110 054011-23991876 (O) 011-23969260 (O) 09818953191 (M) rsbdelhi@nic.in
3200Rajya Sainik BoardPUDUCHERRY (UT) Vacant Tmt. V.Thenrali Director Deptt of Sainik Welfare Jawan Bhavan Complex, Lawspet Main Road, Pakkamudayanpet, Puducherry – 605 0080413-2337575 (F) 0413-2333271 (O) 0413-2333271 (O) 09894884691 (M) puducherrydsw@gmail.com



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