Stoppage of Pension Apr 2022 – SPARSH

Stoppage of Pension Apr 2022 - SPARSH

Large number of defence pensioners have not received their pension for April 2022.The main reason is NON-Submission/wrong submission of Digital Life Certificate. Wrong Life Certificate. Some pensioners have submitted Digital LC on Jeewan Pramaan Patra Website by selecting their Bank as Pension Disbursing Authority.
5. The correct selection is
Pension Sanction Agency: Defence PCDA(P), Allahabad;
Disbursing Agency: SPARSH: PCDA(P), Allahabad

  1. Mam sparsh login karne par only read mode aa rha hai
    ye kab hatega is par video banayiye ye kab khatam hoga

  2. can i suggest send pension slip to their mail also every month like now sbi doing

  3. Minimum requirement is the url of the sparsh site… Please provide that first.. Please consult IT experts .. Absolute confusion…. All retired defence employees are NOT IT experts… and many not even having a mobiles.. Lot of problems in migration…Many employees records not migrated…many Migrated did not get username and password….

  4. Is it possible to upload manual life certificate in case biometrics are not working for submitting life certificate through Jeevan Pramaan?

  5. Sparsh site is not working at many important features that they have kept for pensioners use. Pensioners are made dependent on this digital mode of knowing about their pension which is not at all easy to use. What if the pensioner belong from a user-group with less knowledge of how to digitally use this facilities…there the user will completely fall out of idea on why this site is not registering any grievance, the data not getting updated, file not getting uploaded and many more things that are not working on sparsh site. Although it's a digital way made available for pensioners but atleast make it a easy user-friendly site so all user can use it with ease. Pensioners should get a notification on their registered number about any procedure they need to be completed by the individual, also an idea about any action done on pension like deduction of amount done with the reason behind it afterall pensioners are depend on this amount and it's the individual money which they are handling without any proper guidelines on this digital mode.

  6. How to submit jiwan parman certificate

  7. Lot of problems arising… Grievances service is dealt unprofessionally. So many lacuna in the system .. Not at all user friendly

  8. Server is getting clashed each and every time… digital India 😅

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