Check identification status – SPARSH and Release of Pension for the month of April

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How to check your identification status of SPARSH migrated case on PCDA (P) website.
Good news for pensioners !!
As a special relaxation issued by the Government of India, the pensioners whose pension for the moth of April was stopped due to non identification has been credited to their respective accounts.
Pensioners are notified to complete their identification as soon as possible before 15 May.

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  1. Prateek Mehta says

    Account no insert record doesn't match.

  2. Rahul Narang says

    This sparsh is without thinking of ex-servicemen living in far flung remote areas like utrakhand kashmir himachal north east ex-servicemen. Very strange people who planned this. How about the people who have very little knowledge about even mobile. This weak plan is exceuted in rush . Must have implemented for the retiree of post 2021 only.

  3. ramalingam Ramachandran says

    Please make video for the Migrated SPARSH Pensioners what to do after login

  4. ramalingam Ramachandran says

    Good initiative it is very useful to know the status as well as due date for next verification.Thank you.

  5. Dvasudevan .avadi says

    Please start from the link details !

  6. Joseph Xavier says

    Sparsh pension slip errors showing why

  7. S S Singh ShioShankar says

    How to update Aadhar number in SPARSH profile.

  8. vm sundaram says

    Previously Life Certificate through our Bnak Branch was easy and free of cost. Now we have to spend atleast Rs.100/- for Life Certificate through internet center. Is it the benefit of Migration to SPARSH?

  9. rs chauhan says

    मैडम मैंने 1 बार नार्मल जीवित प्रमाणपत्र दिया था नवंबर में, उसके बाद जनवरी 2022 में, फिर तीसरी बार 7 मई2022 को। अभी भी मुझे msg आ रहा है कि आप अपना identification जमा करें। अब मैं क्या करूँ मुझे बता दीजिए। PCDA में रोज फोन करता हूँ, कभी बिजी बोलता है, कभी घंटी बजी तो कोई उठता नही है 15-20दिन से फोन कर रहा हूँ। कोई फोन नम्बर दीजिये जिससे बात हो पाय

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