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  1. Vijay Trivedi says

    Pension Slip should be available on Sparsh site by 25th of previous month for next month. Also it should give details of Deductions and credits.

  2. S.N INFO TECH 97 says

    From 21 may 2022 can't check migration status….
    Screen par your connection is not private likha aa raha hai. Koi solution hai to bataiye…. Aur sparsh pe bhi kuch update nehi ho raha…. What is the problem in server ? Please jaldi se solution nikaliye ….bohut pensioners aise hai jinka Mobile no update hai lekin Aadhar card Update nehi hai wo log kyse DLC Jama karenge

  3. tanmay sinha says

    Horrible video!!!
    No information on where the link Fir down loading the lust is on pcda website.
    No clarity if it is For all or only migrated pensioners.
    Just formality completed.

  4. Mandem Surya says

    Declaring identification is only for the pensioners whose accounts got migrated to sparsh or for all the pensioners whose account hasnt migrated yet to sparsh. Pls give clarification. My father has already declared his identification on nov 2021 on old ppo and his account hasnt migrated yet to sparsh.. KINDLY CLARIFY ! As there was no clarification given on this …

  5. ULTRON DS YT says

    Madaam my father is a defence pension holder he has completed his identification on Jeevan Praman But now also in PCDA website it is showing in status checker that still it is not done. But he has successfully generated his life certificate. Pls Resolve my problem

  6. Amantaray Singh says

    Fake list ke naam per April pension kand ko cover kar rha PCDA. Is list ke pensioners ki pension bahut pahle cease ho gyi thi, death/new job/widow remarriage etc . Yah cover up hai SPARSH KE DHOKE KA

  7. Shaitan Singh says

    My Adhaar and Pan not showing in my profile. I have submitted life Certificate thrice but not accepted by Sparsh. What is my fault if you haven't done our profile correct. You only send messages but not tell how to update PAN and Adhar.

  8. Durgesh Bhutkar says

    contact and support Phone Nos, and call centre Nos, on PCDA PORTAL are not responding,Kindly update

  9. स्पर्श मे काफी कमी है स्पर्श की तरफ से पेंशनभोगी का ना आधार न पैन कार्ड न ऐड्रेस अपडेट किया गया है।और न पिन कोड,स्टेट ,जिला डाला जा रहा है सही करने का कष्ट करे

  10. जिनका mlc भरा जा रहा है कोई भी तीन चार दिन से चेक नही कर रहा है
    जो नम्बर पी सी डी ए के लेटर हेड पर है सारे अमान्य दिखा रहा है।कोई नम्बर नही मिलते टूल फ्री भी नही मिलता

  11. कम से कम वीडियो को साफ कर लेते सही ढंग से नही है कुछ नही दिखाई दे रहा है

  12. Har Har Mahadev says

    Is list me mera naam hai per DLC MLC perform nahi ho raha help kare ji please

  13. Har Har Mahadev says

    Mam sparsh help ka email adress do please

  14. Chauhan Bharatkumar says

    List ne bhi mane nhi he ab kya kre

  15. Sabari says

    Mam, I did my idendification on SPARSH. But, still showing my name on this list😔

  16. Sataypal Singh says

    Hmari details ab tak update nhi ki h aur na hi hum karte h to ho rhi h.

  17. Sataypal Singh says

    Aapki site to chal bhi nhi rhi kha se life certificate upload hoga. Ek bar kar ke dikhaona kisi bande ka.

  18. S S Singh ShioShankar says

    Pensioners whose Aadhar number and mobile number is not updated on SPARSH Identification list, How they will submit the DLC. Identification details (DLC) is not getting updated on SPARSH.
    How to get Aadhar number updated on SPARSH Profile.

  19. vm sundaram says

    Only in hindi. No English or other Indian Language? How non-hindi speaking pensioner will understand?

  20. virendra singh says

    May I know as to why pension payment details / pension slip is not being provided to pensioner.
    What is being deducted and on account of what ?
    Sparsh eppo is also not available on website.
    What is time period, when pensioner will be at ease.

  21. Anmol Gupta says

    Ma'am my father is not able to update personal details pin code, state, district and as this are compulsory field we are not able to update next details as well. Ma'am please let me know what to do now.

  22. Rainbow says

    ऐसा लगता है जैसे पेन्शन भारत से ट्रांसफर होकर मियामार (बर्मा) चली गई हो, इतना complication जरूर ये किसी हट्टी अधिकारी की हट है, बेचारे पेन्शनरों से इतना खिलवाड़……

  23. Kamlesh Singh says

    Description me link to dena chahiye tha … list download ka

  24. Iqbal Ahmed says

    Till Now, i haven't received the login details of SPARSH

  25. Harsh Vashisht says

    Respected madam !
    Aapke bataye anusar maine Sparsh me dubara Aadhar & PAN update kiya, parantu update Nahi ho raha hai, please batayen ki Aadhar &PAN Sparsh PCDA me kaise update hoga, kyonki har month ₹ 5000 pension se cut rahe hai.

  26. Петя Старусев says

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