TATA Car CSD price

Sr No.IndexNomenclatureDepot Selling Price (Rs.)Depot
164558-KSafari Storme Vx 4×2 Refreshed (400 NM)11,44,302DELHI
264516-ASafari Storme Ex 4×2 Refreshed10,14,313DELHI
364696-PSafari DICOR 2.2 EX 4×2 MFL8,81,786DELHI
464595-ESafari Storme Lx 4×2 Refreshed8,65,086DELHI
564695-LSafari DICOR 2.2 LX 4×2 MFL7,81,806DELHI
664878-XZEST XTA QJT 90PS7,45,038DELHI
764700-TSumo Gold GX BS IV6,97,029DELHI
864705-ESumo Gold EX BS IV6,40,096DELHI
964611-SZEST XT QJT 90PS6,73,430DELHI
1064615-AZEST XMA QJT 90PS6,70,308DELHI
1164707-PSumo Gold CX – PS BS IV5,94,661DELHI
1264614-XBolt XT QJT 75PS6,27,929DELHI
1364597-PZEST XMS QJT 75 PS6,20,896DELHI
1464709-ISumo Gold CX BS IV5,79,828DELHI
1564599-IZEST XM QJT 75 PS5,97,753DELHI
1664528-DBolt XMS QJT 75PS5,69,639DELHI
1764668-KZEST XT RT 90PS5,73,896DELHI
1864626-ABolt XM QJT 75PS5,38,055DELHI
1964673-LZEST XE QJT 75PS5,32,465DELHI
2064669-XIndigo eCS LX CR5,29,077DELHI
2164548-XBolt XT RT 90PS5,33,981DELHI
2264618-LZEST XMS RT 90PS5,23,722DELHI
2364598-HIndigo eCS LS CR5,13,597DELHI
2464616-DZEST XM RT 90PS5,08,034DELHI
2564550-DBolt XE QJT 75PS4,98,300DELHI
2664552-LBolt XMS RT 90PS4,83,317DELHI
2764543-HIndica LX eV2 Refresh 24,74,573DELHI
2864553-PBolt XM RT 90PS4,63,127DELHI
2964619-PZEST XE RT 90PS4,49,521DELHI
3064542-PIndica LS eV2 Refresh 24,32,757DELHI
3164544-YBolt XE RT 90PS4,02,706DELHI
3264529-ENANO XE GenX1,97,455DELHI
3364551-ENANO XM CNG2,48,987DELHI
3464748-DNANO XM GenX2,28,116DELHI
3564749-ENano XMA GenX2,64,550DELHI
3664546-TNano XT GenX2,45,558DELHI
3764750-LNano XTA GenX2,81,542DELHI
3864555-YTiago XB 1.05 D3,41,812DELHI
3964617-ETiago XE 1.05 D3,86,217DELHI
4064672-ETiago XM 1.05 D4,22,041DELHI
4164620-HTiago XT 1.05 D4,49,019DELHI
4264500-YTiago XZ 1.05 D4,97,118DELHI
4364596-LTiago XB 1.2 P2,81,498DELHI
4464671-DTiago XE 1.2 P3,29,808DELHI
4564675-HTiago XM 1.2 P3,56,647DELHI
4664515-XTiago XT 1.2 P3,83,500DELHI
4764895-HTATA HEXA XE 4X2 BS4 – 7 STR9,81,670PUNE
4864896-ITATA HEXA XM 4X2 BS4 – 7 STR11,23,463PUNE
4964897-STATA HEXA XMA 4X2 BS4 – 7 STR12,11,836PUNE
5064898-TTATA HEXA XT 4X2 BS4 – 7 STR13,12,397PUNE
5164899-KTATA HEXA XT 4X4 BS4 – 7 STR14,16,966PUNE
5264900-XTATA HEXA XTA 4X2 BS4 – 7 STR14,06,785PUNE
5364901-ATATA TIGOR XE 1.054,51,421PUNE
5464902-DTATA TIGOR XZ (O) 1.055,81,260PUNE
5564903-ETATA TIGOR XT 1.055,75,511PUNE
5664904-LTATA TIGOR XZ 1.055,51,890PUNE
5764905-PTATA TIGOR XE 1.23,82,534PUNE
5864906-HTATA TIGOR XZ (O) 1.25,06,031PUNE
5964907-ITATA TIGOR XT 1.24,42,589PUNE
6064908-STATA TIGOR XZ 1.24,82,454PUNE
Note :1.   Above CSD Depot selling prices are applicable at Delhi / Pune as per the depot mentioned.
2.   These rates will vary by Rs.10,000/- (approximately) at different places   across the countr due to transportation charges, transit insurance charges etc. incurred by Car Companies.
3.   The prices are prior to increase in Cess as notified by GST Council on 09 September 2017.

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