Toll Tax Exemption for Defence Personnel Post Implementation of FASTAG

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Toll Tax Exemption for Defence Personnel

Post Implementation of FASTAG


1. Toll tax exemption is being provided to the Defence personnel on highways/ bridges in accordance with the Indian Tolls (Army and Air Force) Act 1901, which is extended to the Indian Navy as well.

2. MoRTH has assured that the provisions of the Indian Toll (Army & Air Force) Act 1901 will continue to be extended to all defence personnel traveling in personal vehicles on the production of their Identity Card at the toll plazas. In addition, based on prior intimation additional lanes will be opened up to enable smooth movement of military convoys through toll plazas. Towards this, necessary instructions from MoRTH would shortly be passed to the NHAI in line with the Indian Toll (Army & Air Force) Act 1901.

3. In the interim, It is important that the Service personnel are sensitized not to indulge in any altercation with toll operators and any case of denial of toll exemption to defence personnel may be intimated to IHQ MoD (N) / DPS with full details.

4. If anyone want to know more regarding Toll Tax and Letter, please comment in comment box.


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  1. Saurabh kumar says

    Sir please send the exemption letter.

  2. Imtiyaz Ahmad B says

    Sir please send the latest exemption letter for ESM if we have exemption of toll tax

  3. K P goswami says

    Sir, latest letter of exemption toll tax for defence personnel

  4. Sumit kundal says

    Good morning
    Please sir , send the latest letter of exemption of toll tax tor defence personnel

    1. GP PANDEY says

      Sir, Is defence personnel are exempted for toll tax. if yes, Can you please provide latest letter from NHAI or MoD regarding toll tax exemption for defence personnel as in many toll plazas (especially in UP) they charge tolls and ask to show moment order for exemption.

      1. GP PANDEY says

        Also, after implementation of fastag they charge double tax as penalty of not using fastag. Its still a doubt whether we are exempted or not. Please clarify.
        Kindly reply soon.

  5. SIDDAPPA S says

    ESM are exempted from toll tax or not pl inform.if so any letter regarding this.

  6. Ajay Kumar says

    Sir plse update me is still defence personnel personnel vehicle exempted from toll.user fees after implementation of fast tag policy

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