Child Care Leave updates

Details regarding Child Care Leave

  • Child Care Leave can be granted to women employees having minor children below the age of 18 years, for a maximum period of 2 years (i.e. 730 days) during their entire service, for taking care of up to two children whether for rearing or to look after any of their needs like examination, sickness etc. Child Care Leave shall not be admissible if the child is eighteen years of age or older.
  • As in the case of Earned Leave, we can prefix or suffix Saturdays, Sundays, and Gazetted holidays with the Child Care Leave. Under no circumstances can any employee proceed on CCL without prior approval of the Leave sanctioning authority.
  • During the period of such leave, the women employees shall be paid leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave.
  • Child Care Leave shall not be debited against the leave account. There is also no condition that CCL can be availed only if the employee concerned has no Earned Leave at her credit, Child Care Leave may also be allowed for the third year as leave not due (without production of medical certificate).
  • The intention of the Pay Commission in recommending Child Care Leave for women employees was to facilitate women employees to take care of their children at the time of need. However, this does not mean that CCL should disrupt the functioning of Central Government offices. The nature of this leave was envisaged to be the same as that of earned leave.
  • LTC cannot be availed during Child Care Lcave as Child Care Leave is granted for the specific purpose of taking care of a minor child for rearing or for looking after any other needs of the child during examination, sickness etc.

Some conditions stipulated for availing child care leave has been removed and updated after the implementation of 7th pay Commission.

Particularly stipulation for availing minimum CCL is now reduced to 5 days.

LTC during CCL was not allowed previously. Now DoPT has issued order for availing LTC during child care leave .

Age restriction has been removed in case of disabled child.

Child Care Leave Frequently Asked Questions

CCL – Updated Conditions and Orders

1. Child Care Leave is granted to women Employees

2. Maximum 730 days can be availed in the entire service for rearing or looking after the Children below 18 Years

3. Age Restriction for CCL is not applicable in case of disabled children with 40% of disability. Latest DoPT order]

4. It is Admissible only for the eldest two children

5. It can be granted for taking care of children’s needs like Examinations and illness etc

6. Child Care Leave cannot be taken without prior approval.

7. It cannot be demanded as a matter of right

8. The CCL can be combined with leave of any other kind.

9. Child Care Leave may  be granted less than 15 days in one spell.  The stipulation of minimum 15 Days requirement has been removed vide this order  READ MORE… 

* Child Care Leave may not be granted for a period less than five days at a time [ Latest DoPT order]

10. Maximum Three spell allowed in a year. READ MORE…

11. LTC, Leaving Head Quarters is now allowed during Child Care Leave [ Latest DoPT order ]

12. CCL should not ordinarily be granted during the probation period except in case of certain extreme situations where the leave sanctioning authority is fully satisfied about the need of Child Care Leave to the probationer READ MORE… 

The 7th pay Commission also recommended to extent the CCL to Single Male Parent. But Order is not issued so far.

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