Rule of Recall from Leave in Indian Navy

Recall from Leave

(a) Persons recalled from leave shall return to duty immediately and recall-orders shall be issued by the appropriate leave sanctioning authority. In case of officers serving at Commands and Service Headquarters, the authority for recall shall be governed by Article 151 of Travel Regulations 2014 (Revised).

(b) The travelling time from the leave station to the duty station, shall be viewed as having been spent on duty.

(c) In case where the balance of the un-availed portion of leave is granted to such persons, they shall be allowed additional leave to cover the travelling period from their duty stations to their leave stations.

(d) When a person proceeds on Annual Leave, a portion of which falls in the next calendar year, and is recalled to duty, the balance of leave granted on completion of the duty will not prejudice his Annual Leave entitlement for the latter year.

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