Sr No.IndexNomenclatureDepot Selling Price (Rs.)Depot
164762-PHonda Brio 1.2 S MT(i-VTEC)-Base4,56,860DELHI
264763-HHonda   Brio 1.2 VMT (i-VTEC)-Base5,22,653DELHI
364764-IHonda Brio 1.2 VX AT(i-VTEC)-Base5,98,623DELHI
464765-SHonda Amaze 1.2 S MT(i-VTEC)-Base5,23,564DELHI
564831-SHonda Amaze 1.2 SX MT(i-VTEC)-Base6,20,747DELHI
664767-KHonda Amaze 1.2 S CVT(i-VTEC)-Base6,55,340DELHI
764766-THonda Amaze 1.2 VX MT(i-VTEC)-Base6,55,340DELHI
864836-DHonda Amaze 1.2 VX CVT(i-VTEC)-Base7,43,140DELHI
964768-XHonda Amaze 1.5 S MT(i-DTEC)-Base6,69,650DELHI
1064838-LHonda Amaze 1.5 SX MT(i-DTEC)-Base7,15,785DELHI
1164769-AHonda Amaze 1.5 VX MT(i-DTEC)-Base7,49,219DELHI
1264830-IHonda Amaze 1.2 S MT(i-VTEC)-Pearl5,27,145DELHI
1364832-THonda Amaze 1.2 SX MT(i-VTEC)-Pearl6,24,327DELHI
1464834-XHonda Amaze 1.2 S CVT(i-VTEC)-Pearl6,58,921DELHI
1564833-KHonda Amaze 1.2 VX MT(i-VTEC)-Pearl6,58,921DELHI
1664835-AHonda Amaze 1.2 VX CVT(i-VTEC)-Pearl7,46,721DELHI
1764837-EHonda Amaze 1.5 S MT(i-DTEC)-Pearl6,73,239DELHI
1864839-PHonda Amaze 1.5 SX MT(i-DTEC)-Pearl7,19,374DELHI
1964840-HHonda Amaze 1.5 VX MT(i-DTEC)-Pearl7,52,806DELHI
2064841Honda WR-V 1.2 VX MT(i-VTEC)-Base7,87,823DELHI
2164863Honda WR-V 1.5 S MT(i-DTEC)-Base7,73,794DELHI
2264845Honda WR-V 1.5 VX MT(i-DTEC)-Base8,81,143DELHI
2364879-AHonda BR-V 1.5 S MT(i-VTEC)-Base8,95,144DELHI
2464880-DHonda BR-V 1.5 V MT(i-VTEC)-Base9,93,696DELHI
2564135-PHonda BR-V 1.5 VX MT(i-VTEC)-Base10,76,695DELHI
2664137-YHonda BR-V 1.5 V CVT(i-VTEC)-Base10,89,941DELHI
2764881-EHonda BR-V 1.5 S MT(i-DTEC)-Base10,01,690DELHI
2864138-SHonda BR-V 1.5 V MT(i-DTEC)-Base10,78,067DELHI
2964882-LHonda BR-V 1.5 VX MT(i-DTEC)-Base11,70,780DELHI
3064883-PHonda BR-V 1.5 S MT(i-VTEC)-Pearl9,00,578DELHI
3164884-HHonda BR-V 1.5 V MT(i-VTEC)-Pearl9,99,130DELHI
3264885-IHonda BR-V 1.5 VX MT(i-VTEC)-Pearl10,82,129DELHI
3364886-SHonda BR-V 1.5 V CVT(i-VTEC)-Pearl10,95,374DELHI
3464887-THonda BR-V 1.5 S MT(i-DTEC)-Pearl10,07,124DELHI
3564888-KHonda BR-V 1.5 V MT(i-DTEC)-Pearl10,83,501DELHI
3664889-XHonda BR-V 1.5 VX MT(i-DTEC)-Pearl11,76,214DELHI
3764816-LHonda City 1.5 S MT(i-VTEC)-Base7,56,033DELHI
3864142-AHonda City 1.5 SV MT(i-VTEC)-Base8,48,086DELHI
3964136-HHonda City 1.5 V MT(i-VTEC)-Base8,88,803DELHI
4064808-PHonda City 1.5 V CVT(i-VTEC)-Base10,25,113DELHI
4164812-XHonda City 1.5 VX MT(i-VTEC)-Base10,34,849DELHI
4264810-THonda City 1.5 VX CVT(i-VTEC)-Base11,41,065DELHI
4364844-KHonda City 1.5 ZX CVT(i-VTEC)-Base12,01,254DELHI
4464139-THonda City 1.5 SV MT(i-DTEC)-Base9,57,592DELHI
4564140-KHonda City 1.5 V MT(i-DTEC)-Base10,28,402DELHI
4664814-DHonda City 1.5 VX MT(i-DTEC)-Base11,44,354DELHI
4764818-HHonda City 1.5 ZX MT(i-DTEC)-Base12,06,313DELHI
4864817-PHonda City 1.5 S MT(i-VTEC)-Pearl7,61,466DELHI
4964820-SHonda City 1.5 SV MT(i-VTEC)-Pearl8,53,520DELHI
5064822-KHonda City 1.5 V MT(i-VTEC)-Pearl8,94,236DELHI
5164809-SHonda City 1.5 V CVT(i-VTEC)-Pearl10,30,547DELHI
5264813-AHonda City 1.5 VX MT(i-VTEC)-Pearl10,40,283DELHI
5364811-KHonda City 1.5 VX CVT(i-VTEC)-Pearl11,46,498DELHI
5464842-SHonda City 1.5 ZX CVT(i-VTEC)-Pearl12,06,687DELHI
5564821-THonda City 1.5 SV MT(i-DTEC)-Pearl9,63,025DELHI
5664823-XHonda City 1.5 V MT(i-DTEC)-Pearl10,33,836DELHI
5764815-EHonda City 1.5 VX MT(i-DTEC)-Pearl11,49,788DELHI
5864819-IHonda City 1.5 ZX MT(i-DTEC)-Pearl12,11,747DELHI
5964851-HHonda Jazz 1.2 S MT(i-VTEC)-Base5,77,641DELHI
6064852-IHonda Jazz 1.2 SV MT(i-VTEC)-Base6,16,541DELHI
6164141Honda Jazz 1.2 V MT(i-VTEC)-Base6,47,890DELHI
6264853-SHonda Jazz 1.2 S CVT(i-VTEC)-Base6,74,780DELHI
6364854-THonda Jazz 1.2 VX MT(i-VTEC)-Base6,91,515DELHI
6464855-KHonda Jazz 1.2 V CVT(i-VTEC)-Base7,42,556DELHI
6564856-XHonda Jazz 1.5 S MT(i-DTEC)-Base7,02,964DELHI
6664857-AHonda Jazz 1.5 SV MT(i-DTEC)-Base7,39,030DELHI
6764858-DHonda Jazz 1.5 V MT(i-DTEC)-Base7,79,843DELHI
6864859-EHonda Jazz 1.5 VX MT(i-DTEC)-Base8,17,639DELHI
6964860-LHonda Jazz 1.2 S MT(i-VTEC)-PEARL5,81,223DELHI
7064861-PHonda Jazz 1.2 SV MT(i-VTEC)-PEARL6,20,123DELHI
7164862-HHonda Jazz 1.2 V MT(i-VTEC)-PEARL6,51,472DELHI
7264863-IHonda Jazz 1.2 S CVT(i-VTEC)-PEARL6,78,362DELHI
7364864-SHonda Jazz 1.2 VX MT(i-VTEC)-PEARL6,95,096DELHI
7464865-THonda Jazz 1.2 V CVT(i-VTEC)-PEARL7,46,138DELHI
7564866-KHonda Jazz 1.5 S MT(i-DTEC)-PEARL7,06,552DELHI
7664867-XHonda Jazz 1.5 SV MT(i-DTEC)-PEARL7,42,618DELHI
7764868-AHonda Jazz 1.5 V MT(i-DTEC)-PEARL7,83,430DELHI
7864869-DHonda Jazz 1.5 VX MT(i-DTEC)-PEARL8,21,226DELHI
Note :1.   Above CSD Depot selling prices are applicable at Delhi. 2.   These rates will vary by Rs.10,000/- (approximately) at different places   across the countr due to transportation charges, transit insurance charges etc. incurred by Car Companies. 3.   The prices are prior to increase in Cess as notified by GST Council on 09 September 2017.
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