Procedure for Issue of Identity Card to Retiring Armed Forces Personnel

Procedure for Issue of Identity Card to Retiring Armed Forces Personnel


1. The Identity Card to· the retiring Armed Forces person is issued by concerned Zila Sainik Board/Zila Sainik Welfare Office (ZSB/ZSWO) where the retiring Defence personnel propose to settle down after retirement as recorded in his discharge documents. For this purpose, all retiring defence personnel are required to get their particulars filled in the registration form in duplicate at the Record Office at the time of their discharge. One copy of the registration form is forwarded by the Record Office to the concerned ZSB/ZSWO by post and the second copy by hand through the retiree himself. Thereafter, the individual is required to call on the concerned ZSB/ZSWO along with three copies of the stamp size photographs, discharge certificate/PPG and other relevant service documents for the issue of an Identity Card. At the ZSB/ZSWO, the particulars are scrutinized and in case the individual qualifies to the status of ex-servicemen, he will be asked to fill in an application form and an Identity Card will be issued to him.

Formats for applying for registration by ex-servicemen and widows with their respective RSB/ZSB/ZSWO and the issue of ex-serviceman/widow identity card are given at Appendix ‘B’ of KSB Guide Book.

2. Please remember, Identity Card is a pre-requisite for availing the benefits of the welfare schemes instituted under the “Armed Forces Flag Day Fund” vide Government of India SRO 7E dated 13 Apr 1993 and also by the respective State Governments.

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