Uniform Pricing of Vehicles in CSD Canteens


It was decided by CS Directorate that in order to roll out online AFD-I module, the CSD rates for the vehicles (four & two wheelers) should be uniform/same throughout India. Even, single rate with reference to lowest trade rate in one State can also be accommodated. In both the options, the parity needs to be maintained as finalized during Price Negotiation.

We had approached all the four-wheeler and two-wheeler firm to respond on the above subject and requested them to accept the proposal of price structure for CSD in order to facilitate implementation of AFD-I online module by 15/10/2020.

Till date the following firms have given their confirmation for accepting our pricing structure.

Four wheeler segment

M/s Nissan Motor India Pvt Ltd

M/s FCA India Automobiles Pvt Ltd

M/s Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Private Limited

M/s Ford India Ltd

M/s Hyundai Motors India Ltd

M/s Tata Motor Ltd

M/s Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

M/s Renault India Pvt Ltd.

Two wheeler segment

M/s Royal Enfield Motors Ltd

M/s Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt Ltd

M/s HD Motors India Pvt Ltd

M/s Bajaj Auto Ltd

M/s India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd

M/s Honda Motorcycle & Scooters India Pvt Ltd

M/s TVS Motor Company Ltd

Uniform Pricing of Vehicles in CSD Canteens

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