Sainik Welfare benefits gov of Maharashtra

    Sainik Welfare benefits gov of Maharashtra

  • 15% Horizontal Reservation in group ‘C’ and ‘D’ posts. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra resolution No RTS/1079/0/482/XVI dated 03 Jul 80 and Government of Maharashtra, General Administration Department Circular No SRV-1097/CR-31/98/16A dated 16 Mar 99. ).
  • Ex-servicemen who have put in not less than six months continuous service in the Armed Forces are allowed to deduct from their age the length of continuous service in the Armed Forces plus three years. In the case of disabled ex-servicemen the age limit is relaxed up to 45 years for purpose of appointment to Class III and Class IV posts. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra resolution No RTS/1079/0/482/XVI dated 16 Apr 80).
  • While filling up the posts in Group C & D the disabled ex-servicemen be considered on priority I. *
  • One ward of each defence personnel who die/disabled while in service be considered for employment in Group C & D Posts on priority II.* (*Auth: Government of Maharashtra, General Administration Department Resolution No RTA-1082/3502/CR-100/16A dated 02 Sep 1983).
  • Relaxation/lowering of education qualifications:-
  1. For appointment in Group C Posts, a matriculate ex-servicemen or who has obtained the Indian Army Special Certificate of Education & put in not less than 15 years of service in the Armed Forces is considered eligible for appointment to the posts for which the essential educational qualification prescribed is graduation and;
  2. For appointment in Group C & D posts where the prescribed minimum educational qualification is matriculation, an ex-servicemen who has passed VIII Class or the Indian Army Class I Examination and put in at least 15 years of service in the Armed Forces is considered fit to hold the post.
  • Cash grants & cash in lieu of land to the Gallantry/Non Gallantry Award winners (PVC, AC, SYSM, MVC, KC, UYSM, VrC, SC, YSM, SM, NM, VM, Mention-in-Dispatches, PVSM, AVSM, VSM) since independence from Rs. 12,000/- to Rs. 1,72,500/-.(Auth : Govt of Maharashtra Resolution No Shop pur-2000/303/P.K 31 (2000)/28 dated 03 Jul 2000) .
  • Ex-gratia grant of Rs. 2 Lakh to the NOK/dependents of Martyrs killed in action/any operation w.e.f. 01 May 1995 to 30 Apr 1999. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra Resolution No Shankirn-1096/3330//P.K 220/96/28 dated 30 Mar 1999.
  • Ex-gratia grant of Rs. 5 Lakh to the NOK/dependents of Martyrs killed in action/any operation w.e.f. 01 May 1999. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra Resolution No Masem-1099/1661/PK 126/99/28 dated 04 Oct 2000).
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 1 Lakh (20% to 49% disability) and Rs. 3 lakh (50% and above disability) to the disabled soldiers in any operation w.e.f. 01 May 1999. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra Resolution No Masem-1099/1661/PK 126/99/28 dated 04 Oct 2000).
  • World War II veterans are given Rs. 1,275/- p.m. as financial assistance. (Auth: Govt of Maharashtra Resolution No Masem-2004/PK 120/2004/28 dated 30 Mar 2005).
  • Rs. 1,000/- p.m. to widow or parents of Posthumously gallantry award winners. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra Resolution No Shop pur-2000/303/P.K 31 (2000)/28 dated 03 Jul 2000).
  • Free education facilities are available for the dependents of killed in action, wounded in action, gallantry awardees and also for the dependents of ESM upto the rank of Major, excl professional colleges or tech instituites.
  • Reservation of 5 percent seats limited to maximum 5 in Govt Medical College, Engg College, Agriculture College, and Polytechnic & ITI. (3% reserved for service personnel) (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra Resolution No Masem-2001/2531/PK/231/2001/28 dated 21 Mar 2002).
  • Exemption from payment of examination/application fee for the MPSC. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra resolution No RTS/1079/0/482/XVI dated 03 Jul 80).
  • Rent control Act and Land Tenancy Act have been amended to facilitate resumption of House/land by ESM.
  • 2 and 10 percent reservation in allotment of houses and house sites respectively. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra resolution No AGN/1184(2388)/KA-9 dated 14 Jul 1966).
  • Special leave upto 7 days for medical review boards. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra resolution No LVE-1482/CR-1422/SER-09 dated 24 May 83.
  • Free legal aid for settlement of disputes. (Auth : Govt of Maharashtra resolution No DFS-1063/10793-J dated 12 Dec 1963.
  • Maternity benefits for families of ESM @ six cots have been reserved in KEM hospital, Pune.


  • The activities under this fund are monitored by the Executive Committee of Rajya Sainik Board, on behalf of RSB, in quarterly meeting held in a financial year under the Chairmanship of the Honable Minister of Sainik Kalyan. This fund is utilised in giving financial assistance for the welfare of ex-Servicemen, widows/dependents as well as for resettlement of the retiring ex-Servicemen in the form of grants to aid their re-employment and self-employment ventures.
  • Subsidy/Interest subsidy of 10% or max Rs 17,000/- on loan upto Rs. 3 lakhs taken by the ESM for self-employment ventures.
  • Old age Financial grant upto Rs. 700 p.m. or Rs 8000/- one time for the ESM of 65 years/widows having no source of income.
  • One time assistance of Rs. 10,000/- to NOK of personnel killed in action/other operations including physical casualty.
  • Rs. 3,000/- for undergoing training for self-employment.
  • Rs. 3,000/- is given to ESM/widows for denture and hearing aids.
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 25,000/- and Rs. 50,000/- to the disabled soldiers having disability from 20% to 50% and above 50% respectively due to reasons other than war/operation (physical casualty) after retirement.
  • Rs. 3,000/- funeral grant for ex-Servicemen/widows.
  • Rs. 60,000/- and Rs. 50,000/- is given to the War Widows and Widows of physical casualty respectively for construction of house.
  • Educational Concessions:-

(a) To the Children, wives and widows of the Defence Personnel only. As per Education Department, Government of Maharashtra Resolution No.NDF-1072/2487-S dt.10 Nov 1972 for the purpose of educational concessions to Children, wives and widows the Defence Services Personnel are classified into following four categories – A, B, C & D:-

Category A. This category consists of the children, wives & widows of Defence services personnel of all rank who have been killed or disabled or missing in action in any of the past, present, or future conflicts since 1962 and also of personnel who died (or may die) as a result of adverse climate or high altitude in forward areas.

  • Concessions available to Category A:-
  • Free studentships at all stages of education from Std I to post graduate stage in the recognized educational institutions in the state.
  • Grants for books, stationery and clothing.
  • Grants to meet hostel charges in full (boarding and lodging) for those who are studying or who will study in boarding schools and colleges.

Category B:- This category consists of children & wives of defence Service personnel & members of the border security force of the rank of combatant, Junior Commissioned Officers and other lower ranks in the Army and the equivalent cadres in the Navy and Air Force and also widows and children of deceased personnel of all ranks who died or may die a natural death while in Defence Service.

  • Concessions available to Category B:-
  • Free studentships at all stages of education from Standard I to post graduate stage in the recognized educational institutions in the State as are available to category ‘A’.
  • Grants for books and clothing for education up to SSC/HSSC.

Category C:- This category consists of children, wives & widows of the winners of military decorations like Veer Chakra, Mahaveer Chakra, Paramveer Chakra etc irrespective of the ranks of such personnel.

  • Concessions available to Category C:-
  • The same concessions as are available to the category “B”.

Category D:- This category comprises of persons who joined the Armed forces while studying during the past, present or any future emergencies and who intend to complete their education after their release from the armed forces.

  • Concessions available to Category D:- 
  • Free studentships at all stages of education in the recognised educational institutions in the state & grants for books and other expenditure @ Rs.600/- per annum.

(b) Extending above concessions to the Children, wives and widows of the Ex-servicemen. As per Government of Maharashtra, Education & Employment Department Resolution No NDF-1079/222920(537)Gen-5 dated 14 Jan 1985 the educational concessions granted under the aforesaid orders to ‘B’ category of defence service personnel have been extended to the children, wives and widows of ex-servicemen who are domiciled in Maharashtra or recruited in Maharashtra and who were/are holding the position up to the rank of Major or its equivalent cadre in Navy and Airforce (or below the rank of Major or its equivalent) at the time of retirement from Defence Service. 

The following educational concessions will be granted under this scheme:-

  • Free Studentships to all stages of education (From Std I to Post-graduate stage) in the recognised and aided educational institutions in the State. Free Studentships will mean exemption from tuition fee, admission fee, library fee, laboratory fee.
  • Grants for Books and Uniform for education up to SSC / HSC stage in the recognised and aided educational institutions.

(c) Reservation of Seats for Children of Defence Personnel /Ex-servicemen in Professional Colleges. Five (5) percent seats subject to a maximum of five (5) seats are reserved for the children of Defence Service Personnel and Ex-servicemen in each Government University, Government-Aided Engineering College, Polytechniques, B.Ed/D.Ed, Medical and Dental Colleges. On similar lines reservation exists in Private Engineering Colleges.

Land:- Provision exists for giving priority for distribution of Government land for cultivation to serving soldiers/ex-servicemen vide Govt of Maharashtra Revenue & Forest Dept G.C. No.LND-1070/37565-A dated 18 May 1971 under the following conditions :-

  • The condition of residence within the radius of 8 Kms of the land available for distribution has been relaxed stating that ‘ If the serving defence person/ex-serviceman is residing in a particular District where the land is available for distribution and if such land is not available in the Tehsil of his residence, he will be eligible for allotment of land any where in that District wherein he is residing’.
  • Annual Income limit has been raised from Rs. 35000/- to Rs. 1 Lakh
  • (Authority :- Govt of Maharashtra Revenue & Forest Department Resolution No.LAND-10/2000/1005/C.R.161/L-1 dated 12 Jul 07)

Residential Plots :

  • Provision exists for grant of Government land without auction but on payment of market value for residential purpose in villages and towns to Defence Personnel and Ex-servicemen retired after independence. (Authority :- Revenue & Forests dept Resolution No.LND-1064/97200-4 dated 13 Feb 64 and No LND-1064/172051A dated 04 Nov 65.
  • Provision exists for reserving some plots in Gaothan Extension or a Village according to population of Defence personnel/Ex-servicemen residing in that village for residential purpose.
  • As land is no longer available in towns/cities co-operative societies of Defence personnel and Ex-servicemen will be given preference for allotment of plots.

(Authority :- Govt of Maharashtra GR No LND/1067/83257/A1 dated 28 Jul 72 )

Housing Scheme :

  • Under the provisions of Govt Resolution No.AGN-1184/(2388)/Ka.9A dated 14 Jul 1986, Defence personnel who have received gallantry awards (Mahavir Chakra, Param Veer Chakra, Veer Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Kirti Chakra, etc ) and families of soldiers died while in service are included in the Government nominated categories for distribution of 10 % commercial shops/flats available to government for distribution.
  • Under the provisions of Section 23 of Maharashtra Rent Control Act 1999, member of armed forces of the Union is entitled to recover from his tenant the possession of any premises owned by him, on the ground that such premises are bonafide & required by him for occupation by himself or any member of his family, by making an application for recovery of possession of his premises to the competent authority within one year of retirement.
  • Education scholarship from Rs. 600/- to Rs. 7,000/- to the wards of ESM studying from XI std to post graduate and research level.
  • Reimbursement of tuition fee upto Rs. 10000/- to the children of ESM studying in professional recognized Govt institutions.
  • Upto Rs. 10000/- is given to the children of ESM studying out of State.
  • Rs. 500/- is given to the children of ESM studying in non grantable private school for Uniform allowance, Book allowance and tuition fees.
  • Rs. 25,000/- is given to children of ESM who are studying in foreign countries.
  • The children of ESM attending preparatory/pre-training course of UPSC, Bank and other competitive exams are paid 50 percent charges of the training fee upto Rs. 2000/- maximum.
  • The children of ESM who are studying in State Sainik Schools are given Financial Assistance of Rs 32,000/- for Sainik School Satara and Rs 15,000/- for other Govt recognized Sainik School.
  • The wards of ESM who have taken Driving Training are given reimbursement of 50 percent training fees maximum upto Rs. 1000/-.
  • Award of Rs. 5,000/- and Rs 10,000/- is given to the ESM/wife/widow of ESM/children of ESM who have performed outstanding activities in the field of sports, music, literature and dancing etc on National level and International level.
  • Financial Assistance of Rs. 20,000/- for addition/alteration of own house to the disabled soldiers having more than 65 percent disability w.e.f. 01 May 2002.
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 300/- p.m. to the ESM having blindness more than 65 percentage.
  • Incentive to children of ESM who are undergoing computer education in recognized Government institutes are given upto Rs. 4000/-.
  • Free medical aid in Govt hospitals/re-imbursement upto Rs. 40,000/- and Rs. 700/- p.m. for one year or Rs. 8,000/- one time for post operative treatment of major diseases i.e. Heart, Cancer, Renal, Paralysis.(Only for non pensioners ESMs/Widows after the operationalisation of ECHS).
  • House loan subsidy to the extent of 10 percent or maximum Rs. 10,000/- whichever is less.

Financial assistance for daughter’s marriage as follows :-

(a) One daughter of ESM – Rs 3,000/-

(b) Two daughter of disabled soldiers – Rs 4,000/-each having Disability more than 50%

(c) Two daughters of widows of ESM – Rs 5,000/- each

(d) All daughters of war widows – Rs 10,000/- each

(e) All orphan daughters of ESM/widows – Rs 5,000/- each

Financial assistance to mentally retarded children of ESM as follows :-

(a) Medical treatment – Rs 250/-pm

(b) School going children – Rs 100/-pm

(c) Under going skilled educaton/trg for – Rs 500/-pm Self emp.

(d) For self employment – 50% of loan or Rs10,000/- whichever is less.

  • The boarding charges are reimbursed to the children of ESM studying in SPI Aurangabad (Officers ward- 50 percentage, Ward of JCOs – 75 percent and Ward of OR 100 percent).
  • Pocket money to the Wards of Offrs, JCOs and OR studying in NDA to the extent of 50%, 75% and 100% respectively.
  • Free bus travel upto 2500 KMs per year to war widows and gallantry award winners of chakra series (PVC, MVC, VrC, AC, KC, SC). (Auth :- Booklet on benevolent fund rule (revised) 2001 as amended.
  • Financial Assistance 50% of project amount or max of Rs 5.00 lacs for self emp to self help group of ESMs wife and widows.
  • Financial Assistance of Rs 3 ,000/- (for one eye) for eye operation (cataract) to ESM and their dependents.
  • Financial Assistance (Actual expenditure) for purchase of kubdi of disabled ESM.
  • Financial Assistance of Rs 1,000/-pm to disabled ESM staying in paraplegic centre Kirkee pune.

Benefits from Special fund

  • Queen Mary’s Technical SchoolDependents of ex-Servicemen and disabled ex-Servicemen taking training in Queen Mary’s Technical School are re-imbursed full fee upto Rs. 1800/- per year
  • Hostel Fees – Dependents of ex-servicemen who do not get admission in military hostels or due to non-availability of hostels in particular station, staying in college/school hostels, is re-imbursed upto Rs. 300/- per months towards hostel fees.
  • Military Boys/Girls hostels :- There are 46 Military Boys/Girls hostel in Maharashtra where free accn is provided to the wards of ESM. Food charges are subsidized based on rank. For the wards of widow no food charges are levied.

Note:- The above benefits and concessions are subject to change as per Government Policy. Please approach respective Sainik Welfare office for latest orders.

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