Skoda Car CSD Price

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Skoda Car CSD Price

Sr No. Index Nomenclature Depot Selling Price (Rs.) Depot
M/s Skoda Auto India Pvt. Ltd
1 64648-A Rapid Active 1.6 MPI 77 kW MT(PETROL) 6,89,239 DELHI
2 64740-P Rapid Ambition 1.6 MPI 77 kW MT(PETROL) 7,66,754 DELHI
3 64741-H Rapid Ambition 1.6 MPI 77 kW AT(PETROL) 8,80,969 DELHI
4 64744-T RAPID Style 1.6 MPI 77 kW MT(LE)(PETROL) 8,66,663 DELHI
5 64745-K Rapid Style 1.6 MPI 77 kW AT(LE)(PETROL) 9,73,944 DELHI
6 64734-K RAPID   Active 1.5 TDI CR(DIESEL) 8,09,699 DELHI
7 64736-A RAPID Ambition 1.5 TDI CR 77 kW MT(DIESEL) 8,88,935 DELHI
8 64735-X Rapid Ambition 1.5 TDI CR 77 kW AT(DIESEL) 9,95,435 DELHI
9 64738-E Rapid Style 1.5 TDI CR MT (Non LE) 9,90,990 DELHI
10 64739-L Rapid Style 1.5 TDI CR AT(LE)(DIESEL) 11,13,200 DELHI
11 64641-P Octavia Ambition 1.4 TSI MT PETROL 13,22,130 DELHI
12 64647-X Octavia Ambition 2.0 TDI CR MT(DIESEL) 14,38,706 DELHI
13 64639-E Superb   1.8TSI Style MT (PETROL) 20,51,306 DELHI
14 64650-E Superb   1.8TSI L & K – AT (PETROL) 24,42,176 DELHI
15 64645-T Superb   2.0TDI   L&K AT (DIESEL) 26,43,943 DELHI
Note : 1.   Above CSD Depot selling prices are applicable at Delhi.
2.   These rates will vary by Rs.10,000/- (approximately) at different places   across the countr due to transportation charges, transit insurance charges etc. incurred by Car Companies.
3.   The prices are prior to increase in Cess as notified by GST Council on 09 September 2017.

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