Tamilnadu Benefits to Retired and Serving Defence Personnel



  • Reservation in Group ‘C’ posts – 5%, Group ‘D’ posts – 10%, Forest Guards – 10%, Forest Watchers – 5% and 25% In NCC Department (for the Post of Lascars, Drivers, Watchmen) Basic Service – 10%, Live Stock Inspector course 5%
  • Age relaxation for appointment to State Government Service upto 53 years for OBC/SC & 48 years for others.
  • Automatic acceptance of equivalent of Military Trade to civil trades.
  • Stipend of Rs. 1,000/- p.m. to Ex-Servicemen Trainees in ITIs.
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 3,000/- to widows on death of their husband.
  • Lifetime monthly grant of Rs. 250/- to ex-Servicemen and their widows towards maintenance of those who have not been able to find suitable emp or not in position to earn by working.
  • Scholarship/Stipend to children of ex-Servicemen studying in vocational, professional, computer and technical course.
  • Life Time Grant of Rs. 700/- p.m. to World War Veterans and Rs. 500/- pm to their widows who have served during WW and who are not in receipt of pension/gratuity.
  • Life Time Grant of Rs. 500/- to totally blinded ex-Servicemen/widows provided they are not in receipt of any assistance from other sources.
  • Lifetime grant of Rs. 500/-pm to those affected by Leprosy/Paraplegic and tuberculosis and life time grant of Rs 700/-pm to cancer patients.
  • Grant of Rs. 20,000/- for major surgeries, such as kidney transplantation or open heart surgery to non pensioners ex-Servicemen.
  • Reimbursement of 50 percent interest subsidy on loans available by ESM/widows upto a maximum Rs 2.50 lakhs and 100% of interest on loans available by the Self-Help Groups upto a maximum of Rs 7.50 lacs for self employment ventures.
  • Maintenance Grant of Rs. 900/- p.m. to disabled ex-Servicemen undergoing training at Queen Mary Technical Institute, Kirkee.
  • Grant of Rs.5,000/- for marriage of one daughter of ex-Servicemen/Widow.
  • Payment of Rx. 500/- p.m. to inmates of Nimmadhi Illam for destitute ex-Servicemen/widows at Chennai.
  • War Service Incentive of Rs. 750/- p.a. to parents who had sent their only son/Daughter to the Armed Forces and Rs.1,000/- to those who have sent their more than one son/daughter
  • Subsidy of Rs. 50,000/- for construction of Industrial Sheds/purchase of plots to ex-Servicemen.
  • Financial Assistance upto Rs. 1,500/- p.m. to ex-Servicemen towards purchase of hearing aids. Spectacles, artificial dentures and artificial limbs.
  • Grant upto Rs. 10,000/- or actuals for alleviation of distress due to fire, flood civil riots, accidental deaths and other natural calamities.
  • Pocket money of Rs. 25/- per day to the ex-Servicemen, who are suffering form TB/Leprosy/Cancer and undergoing inpatient treatment in the TB Sanatorium/Leprosarium/cancer institute approved by the Govt of Tamilnadu as well as in the govt general hospital/ rehabilitation homes.
  • Matching grant of Rs. 100/- p.m. to the TB/Leprosy patients who are in receipt of MACF Grant from Indian Red Cross Society.
  • Gift articles worth of Rs. 500/- to Leprosy patients on the eve of Deepavali festival.
  • Subsidy of Rs. 1,200/- to the daughter of ex-Servicemen trained in the tailoring units run by Zila Sainik Board for owning a sewing machine.
  • Maintenance of grant of Rs. 500/- p.m. for mentally retarded children.
  • Grant of Rs. 1,000/- for child for coaching to appear in Entrance Examination for professional courses and got admitted.
  • Transport charges to ex-Servicemen/TB/Leprosy patients of the Sanatorium to visit their homes periodically i.e. once in a year.
  • Scholarship to children of Defence Personnel killed or disabled in action, studying in academic, Technical/Professional/Vocational Courses beyond Higher Secondary stage.
  • Reservation of seats in Education Institutions for children of ESM.
  • Entire educational expenses of orphan children of ex-Servicemen.
  • Educational concessions and book allowances.
  • Exemption from payment of tuition fee by children of ex-Servicemen in all grades of Educational Institutions including professional colleges and institutions.
  • Free Medical Aid in Government Hospitals for ex-Servicemen Pensioners including Officers. 14 twelve bedded wards at Taluk Headquarters Hospitals and 10 beds in three TB Sanatorium have been reserved for ex-Servicemen.
  • Reservation of 10% in allotment of Plots/Industrial Sheds.
  • Land Tenancy Act has been amended for resumption of land.
  • 7% reservation in allotment of house sites and houses for ex-Servicemen/Widows developed by State Housing Board.
  • Reimbursement of house tax to widows of ex-Servicemen pensioners, war widows, war disabled and Gallantry Awards (Chakra Series) and to the widows who are in receipt of defence family pension for self occupied house.
  • Sainik Rest Houses in the State.
  • Priority in providing electricity for pump sets.
  • Exemption from examination fees, hospital fee and court fee stamp.
  • Free sewing machine to widows of ex-Servicemen trained in the Tailoring embroidery
  • Income Tax exemption for pension to winners of Gallantry Awards of Param Vir Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra, Vir Chakra, Ashoka Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Shaurya Chakra and Sena Medal/Nao Sena Medal/Vayu Sena Medal.
  • Allotment of Unit Trust of India Agencies.
  • Free passage to transport the bodies of officers and men of Armed Forces killed in war/insurgency operations/aid to civil power when died in harness by Indian Airlines.
  • Train travel concessions to war widows/recipients of Param Vir Chakra, Ashoka Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra, Vir Chakra, Kirti Chakra and Shaurya Chakra.
  • Free Legal aid for settlement of disputes.
  • Full concession in installation charges and 50% concession in normal rental charges to Gallantry Award Winners, war widows and disabled soldiers for telephone facilities.

Benefits for Battle casualties

  • Employment to one dependent in relaxation of rules.
  • Priority for employment for one member of family
  • Ex-gratia grant of Rs. 1.00 lacs to NOK of those killed, Rs 40,000/- to those totally disabled/double amputee and totally blind, Rs. 20,000/- to those single amputee/one eye blind/loss of toes/fingers precluding employment and Rs. 10,000/- for burns/gun shot wounds/battle accidents/multiple compound fracture from Government of Tamil Nadu.

Amalgamated Fund

  • Outright grant of Rs. 30,000/- to the NOK of casualties from Amalgamated Fund.
  • Annual Maintenance Grant of Rs. 2,000/- to the NOK of Defence Personnel killed and to the personnel disabled in war/ war like operations for life time.
  • Daughter’s marriage grant of Rs. 10,000/-.
  • Housing Grant of Rs. 30,000/-.
  • School uniform and Book allowances (SUBA) to children of defence personnel killed or disbled in action studying in school (Ist to V Std Rs 1,000/-, VI to VIII Rs 1250/-, IX to XII Rs 1500/- from Amalgamated Fund.
  • Priority – I for assignment of house sites.
  • Priority on assignment of land 3 acres of dry or 1.5 acres of wetland.
  • Educational concessions.


  • Ex-gratia Grant of Rs. 5 lakhs to NOK from Kargil Defence Personnel Relief Fund.
  • Ex-gratia grant of Rs. 30,000/- to NOK from Amalgamated Fund.
  • Disability – Totally/disabled/Double amputee/totally Blind – Rs. 3 lakhs and Single Amputee/one eye blind – Rs. 1 lakh
  • Special allotment of seats in Professional Colleges to the children.
  • Free education upto Post-Graduate level to the children of the deceased.
  • Allotment of HIG House/Flat free of coast.
  • Monetary assistance from Kargil Defence Personnel relief fund to the families of battle casualties killed in war/insurgency operation Rs 5.00 lacs to NOK of killed, Rs 3.00 lacs to those totally disabled/double amputee/totally blind and Rs 1.00 lacs to single amputee/one eye blind and free education upto PG level to the children of battle casualties.

Note:- The above benefits and concessions are subject to change as per Government Policy. Please approach respective Sainik Welfare office for latest orders.

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