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The Canteen Stores Department, (CSD), is a solely owned Government of India Enterprise under Indian Ministry of Defence. Its head office is located at Adelphi 119 MK Road Mumbai-400020 and has its depot sub-depots in all major military bases operated by the Indian Armed Forces.
CSD as it is commonly referred to, was created to provide ‘easy access to quality products of daily use, at prices less than market rates’ to the soldiers, ex-servicemen and their families.​

CSD Operations

CSD’s trading operation is worked around seven basic product Groups.

Group I   –   Toiletries
Group II   –   Household Requisites
Group III   –  General Use Items
Group IV   –  Watches and Stationery
Group V   –   Liquor
Group VI   –  Food & Medicinal Items
Group VII   – Televisions, audio and video systems, refrigerators, washing machines, two-wheelers, cars, tractors, cooking ranges (ovens), air conditioners, microwave ovens etc (AFD).

While all these products are procured based on demand from URCs, products in Group VII cannot be stored at URCs and neither can they be shelved! For this reason, CSD procures these items from the trade on behalf of the end user “Against Firm Demand” (AFD). 

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